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If the truth be told .... by Leah Jean
I'm so sorry to hear that you can't make it. But I definitely understand. And I'm sure everyone else will. The most important point is to take care of yourself and make it thru those miserable treatments!

17 homeless people??? Eh gads! Maybe in the spring or summer when we could open all the windows ... and put the lawn chairs outside ... along with the people ... down a few blocks from the house. Sheeesh. At least they wouldn't be picky what we serves.

You and Sandra always did have the weirdest senses of humor! ;)

But I've got to be a bit honest here. How many people really want to have a get together at this time? Only a few people have so far said that they are coming. Also I know that you, Sandra, have been getting visitors at your house like Julia and Sybil, because they also stopped by and visited my folks. Also you've been visiting with Janell, Jr., and her family when you go down to Texas for your treatments. Jeff just visited my parents. So it sounds like quite a few people have already been traveling around quite a bit and are probably tired of traveling. Especially with Thanksgiving just over (which is the most traveled holiday) and Christmas looming on the horizon? It might be better to plan another get together in spring somewhere?

Also my parents are not in the best of condition right now. I know Dad is being quite the trooper in wanting this party to happen. But I worry about him and Mom handling a lot of people in their house. It will be very tiring for them.

I've got to admit that I'm pretty busy right now myself up here in Maryland. Hope you are all sitting down. Daryl and I decided a few weeks ago to do a trial separation ... so we are both making a lot of emotional and financial decisions right now. And I'm house hunting. [We decided it would be best if one of us moves out first before we put our house on the market.] Fortunately we are staying friends and being very reasonable about the situation. Plus we don't have kids and are not financially dependent on each other. But any change of this magnitude is stressful, especially since we've been together for about 17 years.

Do you know that the really cool thing about having Daryl as a husband though is that he has all of these gadgets around the house. I'm borrowing his portable GPS (Global Positioning Satellite?) system which is amazingly good at guiding you to a location. It is a must when house hunting! Okay, ... except when the house was built on a new road in the last few years so the gadget doesn't have it on record. Then you have to do it the "old fashioned way" and go to one of those systems on your computer that writes out the street directions for you. [What's a map?] Oh, we are so spoiled!!!

The Bottom Line
So if I don't hear a big chorus of people saying that we still want to go forward with this get together in a few days, I will be quite willing to call it null and void.

Of course, I am still coming home to visit my family. That was never an issue. It is always fun to check out the latest bits in Henry's antique crowded house and see what new bric-a-brac Cindy has posted to the walls of her small house ... which is an antique in itself. And maybe catch a glimpse of Cindy's not-so-young-anymore kids as they periodically pop in an out of the house when taking a break from college.

Yes, Patricia, I am a little "frayed around the corners" right now. :-(
At least I'm not unraveling. ;-)
Okay, so the proverbial bug isn't quite so snug in the proverbial rug. :-0
But the rug hasn't been pulled out from under me.
And tomorrow is another day. :-)
And the sun will come out ... tomorrow ....
Sing along with me!



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