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Family Reunion by Pat
Leah, I would like to suggest we cancel the family reunion until Spring/Summer with all that is going on in the family. Sandra will be over the chemo treatments and the cold/flu season is past then. know we need her weird sense of humor or it just wouldn't be fun. :) Also, I believe Hank and Judy have already done their share of entertaining for a while. I would love to have it here, but I can't afford to hire a bulldozer to clean up so this place would be a disaster. We would have to use a porta-potty.:)

Would all who have posted please reply and let us know what you think. And everyone else too. Leah, I feel you are taking on too much and we all understand. Why don't you just visit with your family and have a quiet time with them. If I had known your email address, I would have written you personally instead of posting here, but take the stress off and concentrate on Leah now. Okay?

We all love you dearly...just keep on singing and as you said "the sun will come out tomorrow."

Love to all my dear family,


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