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Reunion by Janell Rose
Leah and all of Judy & Hank's Dear Family - we agree with Patricia. It seems there is a lot going on. Since Sandy can not come Dec. 6 - we need to wait on her, it would not be a reunion without Sandra. And Leah our heart is certainly with you as you meet new challenges.
A reunion would probably be easier in the Spring.
If the family would come to Dallas area - JR and I would certainly agree to have a reunion in Irving. We would do everything we could to accomodate everyone and would caution it should be before summer as it gets HOT in TX and we would like to be able to use our back deck, Cooking Grill and the yard as well as the house. Grill hamburgers - make home made ice cream, whatever. The house is wide open to use - we just live in our house - not fancy, but no place is off limits - you can spread out all over. You should be here sometime when all the family is and see all the commotion There are lots of places to go and we would be your home base.

So the invitation is extended and you can let us know what you think.

If you believe it is too far to drive - I would also suggest Wilhimena Lodge near Mena, AR - it would not be too far for all the group from Oklahoma (maybe a little farther from Kansas and Colorado) and it would be closer for family from AR than Irving is. JR and I stopped there when coming back from my Mother's family reunion in 2004 and it is a very nice place with a really wonderful restaurant. My Brother's wife used to live in Poteau and she said they would drive there on a weekend for dinner. If you have a reunion - they have a very large meeting room with TV, games, or just visiting space for the family. There is not fishing on that mountain - but lots of hiking for those that are up to hiking and also horseback riding, etc. It may not be a place where the teenagers want to go - but just about perfect for the older family members. Lets hear everyone's input. Love you all, JR and Janell


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