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Thanx, all. by Leah Jean
Thanx all for the well wishes. It is appreciated. And I had a feeling there wouldn't be too much sadness over not having a family reunion at this time.

Hey, Mom, don't start talking divorce yet. This is a "trial separation" to see if we want to separate permanently or not. We still care about each other ... but have just grown apart in our lifestyles and a few other ways. I think that it will be good for both of us to be on our own for awhile just to get our acts together. And I'm finding looking for a new house an adventure. Tiring but kind of fun. At least the market really favors home buyers right now. Plenty to look at! I am especially looking for a house with a descent sized back yard so I can have a vegetable garden again. [At least make an attempt at one again.] I've missed that so much in our current house which backs up to a golf course. Had to keep the neighborhood standards up.

Well, I've got my work cut out for me today trying to coordinate the real estate agent's availability with my husband's to go look at a house that I'm interested in. Sigh. ;) Daryl is proving very worthy as a second opinion and pair of eyes.

Love ya all!


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