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misc. ramblings by Jeff Tankersley
As Leah noted in one of her latest reports, Jodi and I were in the Tulsa-Little Rock area a few weeks ago. We had planned this trip a while back, to be able to attend her nephew's wedding in Hot Springs, on November the 15th. We flew into Tulsa on the 7th, and stayed at my parents house for a few days, until heading down to Arkansas to see her parents,and her brother's family. We had a great time at both places! Got to rake leaves in Tulsa. Got to mingle with my folks' neighbors (mostly old ) at the block party next door. Got to play lots of cards in Arkansas! It was a fun trip and everyone seems to be doing well.
We figured that we wouldn't be able to make it back to Tulsa on the 6th, so I never entered into that conversation. Sorry to hear that that affair is being postponed, but people are usually really busy this time of year. I think that spring or early summer sounds better, also, since we will be able to plan for that.
This fall was the nicest, weather-wise, that I can recall. Beautiful, sunny and warm all the way up to Thanksgiving, with our first real snow not until the day after Turkey Day. Our Thanksgiving was quiet and nice, just Jodi, T and I, cooking most of the day, and then eating rather quickly and calling it done. If not for my love of leftovers, we may not have cooked a turkey at all. Hope everyone elses' holiday was as good as ours!
Now it's on to Christmas! Today we break out the tree and decorations and clean house to prepare for our annual party. We usually have about fourty people in our house for a holiday party right before Christmas. It's lots of fun! Last year the adults took control of the kid's Guitar Hero game after the crowds had gone home. That was some funny stuff! We even had the dueling guitars contests.
Jodi and I have decided to not buy junk for ourselves this year(we need nothing), and instead we are 'adopting' a family with four kids to help them have a nice Christmas. A lot of people out there are having trouble these days. I feel fortunate that we are still doing OK. People always need plumbers, I guess.
Well, I should go get the ladder to get into the attic storage-checking Xmas lights is such fun!

Hope all are well in this great family, and special thoughts to Sandra and family---

love you all- Jeff


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