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my post by Ange
Aunt Sandra I just saw your message about deleting my post - it was no problem! Plus now I have an excuse - if Aunt Judy asks why no one post very much - I'll just say I did but Aunt Sandra deleted it! :) It was just a short note to say that 4 of us from the Tyler area would be in Tulsa and to offer to help Leah in anyway we could with lunch, etc. because I thought she was taking too much work upon herself. Mom told me there was talk of canceling the reunion so you picked a good post to delete. I also wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and hope that you all had a good one.

I would love to see everyone but agree that a Spring/Summer get together would be better because everyone stays so busy around the holidays. While it would be a short drive for us if it were at Aunt Janell's and Uncle Jr's, I know it would be a long drive for most of you and it would be a lot of work for Janell and Jr. I think we should check on Mena like Janell suggested.

Leah, so sorry to hear your news. I hope your house hunt and the rest go as smooth as possible and that you go and have a nice relaxing visit with your family.

Julie - I hope you are able to make your trip it would be so nice to see all of you.

Love to all of you - Ange


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