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BRRR! COLD by Janell Rose
Thanks, Margaret - I need to go to the store later today - when JR starts watching his COWBOY game. I will look for Cosmo - if don't find, will check Barnes & Noble tomorrow. AND I will get out in this freezing Texas wind that is nearly blowing us down this weekend.

Now - since no one is posting and Judy is always looking for news I will take a minute and tell you about JR and I going "slumming" yesterday.

JR and I have not been to Estate Sales for a couple weeks - they usually slow down around Thanksgiving and pick up a week afterwards. He was complaining because I did not get out of bed early enough Friday morn. to drive WAY OVER in Oak Cliff for an 8:00 A.M. Estate Sale. That would mean getting up at 6:30 - leaving early and go stand in line in that freezing wind????? I never thought he would want to do that Friday - but he saw an AD that had OLD TOOLS. So, anyway we went Saturday to Oak Cliff to one of the junkiest little houses you ever saw. Totally filled with all the little collectibles from Dollar Stores, etc. I don't think we missed anything on Friday. Then - he decided we would go back through University Park to Janelle Stone's Estate Sale. Janelle Stone is a prominant young Dallas Socialite that does expensive Estate Sales. This one was in the "Volk Estate Mansion" We were told the family had "down sized" and moved Downtown Dallas to one of the expensive High Rise Condos - that are becoming the place to be in Dallas. None of the Condo's in the area where they moved sell for under a Million and go on up from there. They have Club Houses, Movies Centers, Tennis, Athletic Work Out - absolutely every thing on site.

The Estate advertisement had said more than 20,000 Sq. Ft. Home packed to capacity with incredible treasures. Believe me - it was - we walked up the curving drive with a large spraying fountain out front to the 3 story brick home. The house had everything inside - massive entertaining area, plus a large sitting room, huge dining room - fantastic kitchen, butlers' area, Maid quarters, Huge Library with outstanding wood floor to ceiling bookcases loaded with books. There were so many rooms in the house I lost count and this was only on two floors - two massive curving wood staircases with marble steps led to the 2nd. floor and on to the third floor which was roped off. (Most of floors were marble throughout the house) From the 2nd. floor you could walk out from nearly every room on a little or large Patio at front and back of house. The back patio overlooked the pool and club house. They must have emptied the 3rd floor down below when the family took out what they were "down sizing." Because I sure could not tell they took anything with them. We saw at least 10 large - very expensive leather sofa's with chairs, etc. in the library, sitting rooms, all over the house. Dining table/chairs, Buffet, China Cabinet looked like belonged in a castle. Enormous Cast Iron Sculptures. One was only $28,000. Fabulous sculptures tho - western art - modern art - you just kept wandering and their taste in art seemed to change from area to area. Beautiful Drapes listed at $75. a pair. (we have been to a lot of sales like this - just thought we would tell you a little of this one sale since it was so fresh in my thoughts - wondering why anyone needs this much "stuff.") There were "walk-in" closets that were larger than our living/dining room put together - Wall to wall mirrors, Clothes Racks all around and in the center a large island that was built with pull-out glass front drawers on all 4 sides for accessories. Hat Racks on Top and Jewelry storage. AND the clothes and accessories were there. Women were in there by the droves buying off racks and racks of clothes - the clothes looked like you were in Neiman's and they did come from Neiman's. Neiman packing boxes and bags were all over the place. J. Stone said there were over 500 pairs of Ladies shoes in one room. This was just the Lady's closet area - on the other side was a men's walk-in that was full of men as well. People were leaving with arm loads of beaufitul stylish clothing. One room downstairs had glass display cases set up for jewelry. So much for the house - Outside was a full Tennis Court on one Side - a fantastic pool with a brick patio loaded with heavy wrought iron garden furniture. 6 fountains adorned one side of the pool - on the other side of the pool was a 2 story Club Room with a big fireplace, wet bar - almost a complete kitchen - enormous pool table and athletich equipent. On the other side of yard was a 2 story 4 car garage. It was off-limits.

The sale had gone 50% off at 1:00 and we did not get there until 2:30 since we had gone via Oak Cliff. Cars were parked for 2 - 3 blocks every direction. JR spent $6.00 and I spent the rest for items to take to the Mall - a total of $86.00 after our 50% deduction. I bought mostly jewelry - only other item was a 12" heavy cast Chocolate Mold that had been priced at $85.00. This Chocolate Mold will get a lot of attention at the Mall. I saw a lot of items I would have been interested in - but they were in "Shopper's Hands" or on the table where sold items could be placed. We had gotten there 1 1/2 hours after the 50% off started and the "Smalls" as antiquers call them were picked up quickly and we did not need furnishings.

One item of news - while standing in line with over 25 people to check out - the "little ladies" on each side of me were discussing the fact the Bush Family was moving back to Dallas and one lady commented she sure was glad they were going out on Daria Lane rather than moving to their area - she would not want to be bothered with the traffic and secret service - so all the affluent neighbors seemed to be "shopping" so they could add to their store of treasures. I thought it would have been a fabulous house for George W. and Laura.

Love to All, JR and Janell


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