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Cosmo by Janell Rose
JR and I went to Tom Thumb yesterday to look for Cosmopolitian. Mary, agree with you totally - I am going to tear out and get rid of the magazine before our Grandchildren come for Christmas. I'm no prude - but felt like we needed to put that purchase in a brown paper bag. Maybe - I am a prude.

Article was very good - first thing JR said when he saw Margaret's picture is that she looks like Julie and Yes, she is very cute. Now, we pray the article gains a lot of national attention to John's cause. I'm sure the article is being sent to the respective personnel in Quatar AND I hope the page is torn out - not sent in the magazine.

Winter finally arrived in Texas - we had our first (3) freeze nights last week and last night JR took one of his old jackets out and wrapped the front faucet and put a bucket over the wrapping. He was still watering our slab foundation until this week (Still need rain terribly.) Time to go crawl in that electric blanket. Love to All, JR and Janell


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