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Thank You by Janell Rose
"Thank You" to Hank & Judy for the hospitality of your beautiful home and yard and to Jeffrey, Henry, Leah and Cindy for the all the work involved in hosting a wonderful and meaningful reunion. It was so great getting to see everyone and visiting for the day. For Jr and I it has been way too long since we have been with family members - you have no idea how all of you are missed. Wish we lived closer so our visits would not be so infrequent.

As most of you know we went on to Tahlequah on Sunday Morning. I needed to be there just afternoon to take over for the caregiver we had for the past 6 weeks. I was not feeling well during the reunion and wanted so badly to hold little darling Zoe (she is such an adorable baby and of course the center of attention) but I did not think I should as was concerned. I had to go to ER Monday evening about 4 hours while they discussed putting me in for a Colonostopy. I told them "No" I was going back to TX to my own Dr. I do not trust those small town Drs. We were waiting for my Brother to get in from Flagstaff. Made an appointment from Tahequah and headed home - my Dr. put me on 5 meds. a day and ordered a Cat Scan. I still have to go for the other test but not for 2 -3 weeks because of infection. My Dr. in Irving said no way they would do the other test until infection cleared from acute diverticulitis. So, you know why I have not gotten around sooner to telling everyone how much we enjoyed the reunion.

If this were not enough - when JR and I got home - we walked in the front door to see water running across our living, dining room floor. Water had run about 2 ft. under living room wool area rug and pretty well soaked our wool area rugs in the hallways. What a mess. I emptied the two big closets from the Hallway side into all 3 bedrooms along with furn. we had to move. No way anyone can get in the bedrooms and Family coming in for Mother's Day. I will get most of it back in place by Friday. The wall is a different story. JR tore out the dining room wall. We now have an 8 by 8 ft. area where when you walk in the front door - the first thing you see are studs, plumbing pipes and electrical wires. Beautiful. We had a plumber last Friday - a water line that was "sweated" gave way in the wall after 50 years. Jeffrey, I know you are aware of what I am trying to describe. Anyway the plumbing is fixed - today we went to Home Depot and got two sections of pine ribbed paneling - Jr said he will try to get the wood up by the weekend - but of course the trim, 2 to 3 coats of paint on this raw wood will not be done.

James, we are looking forward to having you come visit (I think you said you were going to be in Dallas on the 13th for 2 - 3 days. I am hoping Carolyn and John will still be here when you come - I don't know yet what days they will be staying. (Carolyn is so involved in that new visitor center at the State Park - we can't even get her on the phone these days - so I have sent an EMail asking her.) James, just don't expect this house to be in order. You have not been here since just past teens and now coming in all this mess. We will be delighted to have you visit and hope all our family can be here as well for your visit.

Now that I am feeling better - I have a heck of a lot to do - so better get to it. Again - we had a wonderful reunion and Thank the Tankersley Family for making it possible. Love you all, JR and Janell


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