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few things by Ange Rose
Margaret that is great about the article! We had been anxiously awaiting it.

Mom, since James was so kind to post the article, you can shred the Cosmo before the grandkids see it!! HAHA!

And on the subject of the Bushs moving to Dallas -James's(that's James Carhart, Helen's husband - too many James in this family) boss (James Hyatt) lives in the neighborhood where the Bushs bought their home. We saw him this weekend and we asked him about his new neighbors. He said that his house is about two blocks from the one the Bushs bought. On the night that they announced on the news where they had bought their home, he said the traffic was so bad on that street that police had to come direct traffic. They believe they are going to have to put a gate at the end of the city street to control traffic. What a mess that will be! Helen said "well I guess you should invite them over for dinner". James Hyatt went to school with Laura and he said he knows her well enough that he would like for them to come over and he added that she is a very sweet person. James Hyatt is very laid back and unpretentious so I can not see him with all those Secret Service people at his house. He would probably tell them to have a beer and relax a while.

I am a true Texan and don't like this cold weather. It has been cold the last few days here. A business associate from North Dakota called me yesterday and he always ask me about the weather, as he is always entertained at what I think is cold. He said he had talked to his mom in Wisconsin and it was 8 below zero so unless it was 8 below here, then it wasn't cold. I begged to differ - to me if there is ice on my windshield in the morning it is too cold.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

Love you - Ange


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