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I'm still here? by Leah Jean
Hey Dee, you've probably noticed that I got your message at home. I was just too tired from doing family reunion emails and just being a lazy bum so I hadn't replied to you. But I've already apologized in the email I sent you.

Janell, you poor thing!!! I hope that you are feeling much better now. I hope it wasn't the food we served. [Just kidding!] Sandra probably snuck something nasty into that wonderful walnut chocolate cake she brought. [Man, did eating those walnuts remind me of my childhood. I'd sit on the back sidewalk for hours with a hammer and nut pick attacking those suckers.] Glad to hear that your house is "feeling better" too. We've had a few people dealing with flooded basements around here lately because of some heavy rains. And they seriously ain't havin' any fun!

I'm a little run-down myself but that is because of a physical condition. I've developed a Thyroid problem called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. A node is growing in my Thyroid that seems to have shut it down a bit. So now, like Mom, I will probably be on medication for the rest of my life. The really troublesome problem with this ailment is finding a medication that works well for you ... and this can take months. You have to be on a medication for at least 6 weeks before a blood test can be done to see how well the medication is working. At first the dosage was way too strong and I stopped it because of adverse affects. It was great in a way though because I was really getting things done ... but I was kind of pinging off the walls. [My doctor's assistant warned me that some people like to get ahold of such medication just because they get a lot of work, etc. done.] For the 2nd try my Dr. assistant halved the dosage though and now I'm feeling a bit tired constantly. But at least I'm not neurotic. Can't wait until the blood test next week and then we can look into the medication again. Sigh.

Life is such fun.

But speaking seriously about fun. Daryl just told me that an email was sent out to all of us in the neighborhood about a Preakness (the bigtime horse race) celebration that's happening right here at Turf Valley (the golf resort that we live on)! It will be a balloon festival. After dark the balloons will be fired up ... something called a flaming? ... so it should look really cool. Then early the next morning (6:30) they lift off from somewhere on the resort. Hopefully it will be within walking distance from our house. I would imagine that the Resort had to send out these emails to warn us that the traffic will be quite heavy for these events. So I will probably take the morning off and just watch the balloons take off. Well, at least I will, since Daryl has a golf tournament that morning. But Daryl said that he may be able to see the balloons from wherever he's playing ... so the course must be fairly close. Apparently this festival has been held at different places around Maryland. We're just lucky to have it in our "backyard" this year!

Wish you could be here, James. You'd have a field day with your camera!

Oh and yes, it was very good to see all of you at the reunion! It really turned out to be a good event. I will always remember the part though where everyone in the backyard picked up their chairs and migrated along with the "tent" to the better shaded part of the yard. It looked so strangely funny and reminded me of a parade as I watched from inside the house.

By the way, Sybil, I'm so sorry I didn't get around to reading Wesley's latest story. Guess I should have pursued it a little more, but I was just a little tired by then. But it was so great to see you and get to talk to you about how you were doing and Wes' situation. Pat, it was so good to hear you talk about your life too. I haven't talked with either of you women much, so I had to make up a little bit of time.

And it was good to meet one of Wesley's children ... and she definitely looks like her Aunt Julie ... which is a compliment. And it was great to see you Julie and meet your man who some people have been just raving about. And there are just sooo many more that I don't have the finger energy to list everyone and everything off.

Oh, and finally, Jodi, I don't think that I ever said thank you for the idea of and paying for the cleaners that came to Mom and Dad's house. I think that Dad got a bit of a kick out of it and it was really appreciated by the rest of us kids. Because we didn't have to work hard to clean things. Plus the 2 women cleaners were really nice and did a good and thorough job.

Love to all,


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