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Thank you!! by Sandra
How remiss of me to take so long to thank you, Judy and Hank.....and Henry, Leah, Cindy and Jeff. It was a perfectly wonderful day in every way. Thank you so much for all the good food and fun. It could not have been nicer! Thank you, thank you!

Hope no one mildewed the past few weeks. It's nice to finally have the sun for a while. The tomatoes are loving it, but the greens are growing themselves to death. *sigh* Can't wish for everything at once. Fall planting isn't so far away, but it sure seems that way when the lettuce bites the dust.

First the ice storm and then that late hard frost really played havoc with shrubbery. The "Gardener Guy" says wait another two weeks to see what has survived, but, in the mean time, I'm having to look at some really ugly specimens. My hands tremble with desire to grab the lopper for instant gratification.

Janell, I hope you are feeling better. I'm not sure what is worse, the need for a colonoscopy or to have a pipe leak in the house. Take care of YOUR "pipes" first and be well. Would loved to have joined James on his trip there, but we didn't think about the possibility until his flight was full. Next time maybe.

Hope all is well with everyone. Thinking of you.



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