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Taking a break! by Leah Jean
Posted by Leah Jean ( on December 06, 2004 at 10:19:34:

Hope I find everyone semi-fat and happy after the first round of holiday feasts. Daryl and I went with another couple to the local golf resort to indulge in a holiday buffet. Since we both work, Daryl is such a picky eater, and I just really don't want to spend a whole day off cooking and cleaning, we again just ate out. I kind of miss the good old days when family cooked. But oh well.

Our neighborhood is still fighting those golf resort owners who are trying to turn our area into serous urban sprawl. The developer turkeys (just a little holiday humor) are facing a lot of stiff opposition though because we have about 7 neighborhood associations combined with school districts who have been organized to fight the excessive growth. I actually attended one of the meetings a few weeks ago and it was really interesting. We had a pretty good turn out and several speakers who were opposing some more growth to the already planned developments. What was really interesting though was the amount of people who are worried about schools. The schools that exist are overcrowded and one of the big arguments was that the new housing proposed could add possibly 800 new kids to our school district! Wow! So there was one school district bigwig who was proposing that some of the development land be snarfed-up (good ol' "Emminent Domaine") to create a new school. I was just talking to a woman from another school district last night at the company holiday dinner who has been in on the fight for a new school and says that it looks kind of good to put in an elementary school. Oh, I wish! I mean they are already going to be putting in a large shopping area with a grocery store, etc., some business buildings, and quite a few townhouses, houses, etc. We have a 3 story condominium slated for the end of our street for "assisted living" (old folks). After looking at the forest at the end of our street for so long it will be painful to watch all the new structures coming in.

Mom, did you say that you have Parkinson's in your e-mail? Didn't you mean Alzheimer's? Dad is the one with Parkinson's. It is easy to understand the confusion though since both are weighing heavily on your mind. :-(

By the way, Mom, thanks for the advise on sewing. It definitely came in handy. I did manage to finish my dinner outfit (satin tunic and long skirt), wash it, and iron it with only about 1 1/2 hours before I was slated to wear it! Talk about "cutting" it close (no pun intended). I definitely have new appreciation for those who sew their own clothes, Mom. But it was kind of fun even though I did almost nothing but work on the stupid outfit for the last 3 days. My poor fingers are a little sore right now from pinning and sewing. The outfit looked pretty good, if you didn't look too closely at certain places like the shoulders. Oops. But I had trouble with the size of the stupid pattern. The outfit came out about 2 sizes too big!!! And Daryl even admitted that it looked "like you are hiding something". [Like a pregnancy?] But it was very very good experience and I would like to undertake sewing something again. But maybe not for a formal dinner. [Cough! Gag! Wheeze!]

Daryl is a member of one of those movie clubs where you can order DVDs as fast as you can return them. And Daryl, being the fiscally responsible (penny-pinching) guy that he is, is constantly watching films and returning them as fast as he can. So he is watching just about everything under the sun... and every once in a while he gets something I'm interested in (not kung-fooey, gangsterish, scarey, etc.). He got a real good one the other day though that I would HIGHLY recommend that everyone else see. It is the documentary "Super Size Me". It is where a guy attempts to eat nothing but McDonald's food for a month just to see what affect it would have on his body. I don't think they ever said what the guy's job was but I have a feeling it is some kind of journalist or reporter. At times the film is funny, very very informative, and a little scarey too. Real doctors are used to monitor the guy's health about every 5-10 (?) days. It is a very good documentary, and that's why it made it to the big screens for a while. If you haven't seen it you should! Especially those of you who reside in Texas because they point out a few specific facts about that state ... which aren't good, I'm afraid. :-(

I got a big chuckle out of one of your last e-mails, Sandra. Just love your wacko sense of humor! And the rutting deer problem definitely hit home. We have to be very careful around here because of a large deer population, especially with such heavy traffic. Daryl almost hit a deer the other day. We've managed to avoid them so far ...

And don't worry about loosing e-mails, Jannell. I have had more trouble with loosing those suckers myself. Until I finally get my lazy rear in gear and try to figure out a better way of doing things. And I loved hearing about the pecan hunting. That was something I used to love doing as a child. But then I didn't have to bend so far over when I was smaller and I didn't have much around the waste to impede bending. Sigh.

Well, it is that time of year when I start getting nervous about someone cutting down our lovely fur trees in the backyard (they're a perfect Xmas tree size). That's one of the disadvantages with having an open golfcouse behind your backyard. And I had those trees planted to help protect us from errant golf balls! But then the advantage is that we have a very visible backyard ... you'd have to have a lot of nerve to steal a tree from a yard that is so visible to a lot of other houses! And I was glad to hear on the T.V. the other day that artificial trees are becoming more popular. Maybe next year my trees will be too big to run off with. And they were one of the few smaller trees in our yard that weren't damaged by the cicadas. I gave up and chopped off the lower branches from the birch because they looked so sad. Sigh.

Well, I've got sooooo many other things that I've neglected lately! You all take care!!!



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