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Dallas by Janell Rose
James, we enjoyed your Dallas Trip. I wish you would have had more time so we could have visited museums, etc. In fact - you might have liked to have seen the Body World exhibit - NOT ME. I have a feeling People should not be changed to Plastic and put on "Exhibit" when it is time to go "Upstairs." We sure know a lot of people that have been going to this exhibit.

James, the invitation is open to come spend a weekend - You and Courtney are welcome to a key and just come and go as you please - Also, bring Sandra, Pat or whomever along with you.

Last night we had a State Park Police truck arrive in our drive and surprised to see this pretty young lady that looked like a teen ager with a pony tail - get out in uniform totally armed. Carolyn was with her. Carolyn and Deanna spent the evening with us last night and are attending a Design Meeting in Richardson today for the new Visitor Center at Caprock Canyons. The gun and bullet proof vest seems a little much but we were advised when driving the State Police Truck - the artillery is required. Carolyn was in uniform but Thank Goodness no gun. The Park Manager is also the State Park Police. Somehow, I will never be ready to see a pretty young lady in such gear. World sure has changed and sometimes I don't feel I am keeping up.

Love to all and take care. JR and Janell


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