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Dallas by James Deming
Janell, Junior, I really enjoyed my trip to Dallas and your hospitality, you both are great hosts and tour guides. Courtney and I would love to bring Mom for a visit. You have inspired me to start looking for some old antique furniture of my own. Has Junior solved his Rubix cube yet? Also, Eileen, Paul, Katy and Jacklyn I really enjoyed dinner at your home and visiting with you. Thank you for fixing such a scrumptious meal! You should all make a visit to Tulsa in the future!

Things have been pretty busy here in Tulsa. I returned from Dallas week before last, was home for 2 evenings, and then went to Oklahoma City for a weekend to participate in my good friends wedding. Last week I played catch up at work for being out on business the week before. This week I will be preparing for 3 consecutive week trips in June. The first week will be in Chicago, followed by a return trip for a few days the second week. The third week I will travel to Naples, Fl on the gulf for a couple of days, and then drive across the Everglades to Ft. Lauderdale and Miami for the remainder of the week. I'll then be home for the last week of June. The first week of July I an trying to convince Mom and Dad to take a trip to Mountain View, we'll see if I am successful. The second week of July I'm off to Des Moines, IA for a few days. The third week of July it will be Denver for a week, followed by a week at home. Then I'm off again to San Francisco the first week of August, which at this time is the only trip I have planned in August.

AS you can see I am keeping busy. I am usually home on the weekends, but even they fill up. Today I mowed the lawn after it rained since it is expected to rain all week and it was overdue.

That's all folks, have a good night!


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