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Summertime....and the living is easy? by Sandra
Dear Family,

Maybe it's cooler where you are.....I sure hope so! Ten Thirty AM here and already 86 degrees. I'll count on the wind to keep me dry while I work outside. I went out at 8:30 to try to weed a section of perennials but decided to wait because it was too shaded. Maybe the heat of the sun will chase away any little garter snakes hiding there. I don't fear them; I just don't like to be startled.

ZoE took her first roadtrip longer than 45 minutes and she was a trooper. Stacia, ZoE and I went down to Tyler for a few fun-filled days. Those Rose gals really know how to host. Linda, if you read this, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed staying with you at your beautiful home. It was so much enjoyment spending time with you, talking about plants (and anything else that came to mind) and just relaxing. Thank you so, so much. I just want to come back!!! You say "eek!"? :)

It was simply great seeing Mary and the family. Yes, Bill is always missed but the memories are dear. We went out to the cemetery and to the very impressive Hospice House, where there is a brick in a pathway engraved to his memory. The pictures are posted at Stacia's website, if you would like to view them:

Nothing happening here except everything getting older. Twenty-six years in the same house, and it seems a race to see which will collapse first, the house or Jim and I. So much that needs to be done.....think I'll take a nap. :)

No news I hope is good news. So....share your good news!

Love you all,


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