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Posted by Sandra ( on December 06, 2004 at 12:36:34:

First off, I say a BIG "THANK YOU" to you Judy! You and Hank are the greatest hosts! We ALL had such a fantastic time there last week! It went by far too fast. Now, if I can just get off this cycle of wanting more sweets (thinking about Hank's Pecan Crispies and the other good stuff), I might be able to waddle through my preparations for Christmas. The whole time was wonderful, and, as Sybil said, the "sounds" bouncing around within those walls took us back to Christie. If I'm ever lonely, I'll just listen to the reverberation, smile and be SO HAPPY for the richness of our lives together. Thankful forever!

Janell & Junior, it would have been so nice if you could have been there. If your ears burned, it was because we missed you and you were in our thoughts. I hope your move is going well. I still wish I could be there and help you with those boxes.....I could groan and creak along with you, which isn't so noticed when having fun. I'd just love to give you a hand and, too, see all your "stuff" before you sell it. I hope your new location will bring you fantastic results ($$$) and you can whistle into the new year!

Leah, I'm impressed and very happy to know you are taking up sewing. Seems to have become a lost art, but you have the best teacher ever, your Mom! I assure you, she's a rarity; and, IF your stitches aren't as straight as hers, don't be dissuaded, just hide them from her..... like I do!:) Heck, even when my eyes and touch were much better, I couldn't sew straight lines like she can STILL DO! She's the streamlined cruiser of stitches, while a lot of us are run-away trains. Choo! Choo! Genetically, you have an advantage, so I'll just hide mine from you, too!

Fifty four degrees outside and Chrismas in three weeks. Santa, go away! Not in the mood yet for crowds and all those stinky stores. Geez! I think all those potpourris over the years have been a conspiracy. Without them, all the stores would smell like a Chinese Emporium. Ever notice how a dollar store smells? Yes! I'm rebelling! I'm the Michael Moore of Christmas! Gad, did I say that???

Since I don't have a wizard, I better drag my bod through the necessities of "order in the homestead". Take care of your precious selves, and do say hello HERE now and then! Would be nice. Gonna have to program a shock device into the message board - if you come to read the messages, you get shocked until you post something. :) Please!!!!

Love you all,


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