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Chicago by Janell Rose
WOW! James - Pictures and Tour were Fantastic. I am glad I decided to check the computer before I fell into the tub tonight and then in to bed. Sure lifted my Spirits. You really do need to do something with your photographic ability. I saw some of these sights when in Chicago, but they were much better through your eyes and lens.

JR and I are so tired tonight - we are ready to crash. JR finished the replaced Dining Room Wall and we gave two coats of paint today. Tomorrow, I will paint the crown molding (it is a different shade of white) get the floor cleaned and push some furniture back in place. There is so much house cleaning to be done - I wish the "Elves" would come tonight and do their magic. However, I know the elf will have to be me. So, before family comes in for Father's Day, I hope I can finish painting the hallway and then "think" about the kitchen and den. In 2005, when we had the ceiling remodeling done, I put up blue painters tape on crown molding and told JR today that one piece of blue tape had been high on a piece of crown molding hidden away in the hall for nearly two years. I would have taken it down but it was too much work to get it up there - so it has waited for me. For a house built in 1956 - this "ole house" is still very much home so will just put on another coat of paint and appreciate it as it is.

No Rain since last Wed. after rain nearly every day for over 2 weeks. Everything is so green and "lush" it would be wonderful if not such high humidity and an abundance of mosquitos. JR said he can hardly get near the shrubs without a swarm around him. I am trying to keep Andy in most of the time because he has had terrible grass allergies and too many trips to the Vet.

Love to All and a wish for a Happy Summer. JR. and Janell


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