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JW update by Nicholas Downs
Hello Rosenose! As many of you know, I'm in Doha now, sweating out the summer with my dad. I visit him every Thursday for an hour, and during that time we usually manage to pass notes/emails back and forth. He's doing very well, and we are cautiously optimistic about the appeal. Here's the latest, hope you all enjoy:


Hi Everyone: Just a short note. Saw Mr. Ponce the other day. Salah gave them an
update at my last hearing that was very positive. Salah thinks the judges
listened to the defense carefully and sounds like he expects a good outcome.
Things are normal, enjoying a bunch of new study items from Nick, looking
froward to hugging my Meg. Wish I could see old long-haired Thomas! He has
changed so much--you're right Juju, he is a handsome thing. Feel fine, getting
over a minor sprained ankle from running. The Embassy is glad to hear we have
so many relatives and they are ready to help. It might be time to ask Aunt
Sandra to be the focal point on this. Give her all the info on the case. I'll
leave it up to you guys.
Think you could buy me a textbook on Petroleum Engineering and have Meg bring
it? Used book from would be fine. Would love a few more Spanish and
French novels, maybe Nick's Italian book. Working through Nick's econ text
book, it's great, gives me lots of ideas about the energy markets. Getting
plenty of exercise and studying hard like always.
Like always I want to thank you all for sticking by me in this mess. Mom I think
of you in your garden. I think of Dad on the floor, maybe Heidi will keep him
company. Juju and John, your patience and determination has sustained me. Your
help to my kids in wonderful, I will never forget it, nor will they. Nancy I
hope you're well, give my regards to Pap and all the Clevengers. Close with
Walt Whitman:

"I give you my hand.
I give you my love, more precious than money.
I give you myself before preaching or law.
Will you give me yourself? Will you travel with me?
Shall we stick by each other as long as we live?"


Hey Tom and Meg: A question for you. Sometimes at night do you feel a little
touch on your cheek while you sleep, like a butterfly's wing? That is me giving
your picture a kiss and wishing so much I could be with you. You know, many kids
your age have no dad or no contact with him. Maybe their dad has run off and
started a new family and wants nothing to do with them. How DIFFERENT your
situation is! I did not abandon your mom or you--my love for you have only
grown strong through this ordeal. You know these things.
Our family is like an old pioneer wagon that's gotten off the road and stuck in
the mud. Everybody gets out and pushes and it's a mess. It's discouraging.
You've had to take on hard challenges at a young age. BUT change is coming.
Some day you'll be pushing on the old wagon and you'll feel an extra shoulder
at the wheel, a strong shoulder. Your dad will be back and he'll push the
wagon, taking these responsibilities back from you. Your tasks at the moment
are tough but they are not permanent, so hang in my young ones.
When England was about to be invaded by Germany in WW2 Churchill told his people
they could survive "if all do their duty and if nothing is neglected." He meant
that everyone must rise to the occasion. Tom, as the youngest your challenge is
the greatest, and we expect a lot from you. Nick, Meg, and I are counting on you
to show maturity and seriousness in your work. When I get home I'll take you on
a nice vacation somewhere and you can be a kid again. But until that happy
time, we need the BEST from you. So let's prepare and apply some of those old
Scout principles from the old days. I look forward to good reports about you. I
have enormous pride in all 3 of you.
Your Loving Dad.


That's the end of his note, hope to have another one next week. Dad wants me to convey how grateful he is to all of you guys for your continues support. Dad and I both think that we've passed the halfway mark in this situation.



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