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Doing fine. by Leah Jean
No Mom, I haven't moved. Buying a house takes a lot of time. You have to make the initial offer, they accept, start the loan process, house inspection, house appraisal, after inspection negotiations, ... ad nauseum. About one whole month ... and that's only after you've looked around for possibly months to find one that you even want to make an offer on. Plus you have to figure out what you want which can take a little time. It can be very confusing at first.

I'm still in negotiations on one older house (we're up to the 2nd round of negotiations) and I've been phoning Henry and Jeff to get good advice. [Not bad having a brother who is a bank vice president in charge of loans who's dealt with a lot of house sales and another brother who is a master plumber.] And these negotiations can fall thru at any time and the whole process starts all over again with another house. If you are worried, you can always pick up a phone and call me. I would just suggest that it be during reasonable times and not Monday thru Friday during usual working hours.

Don't worry because I will let you know if my address changes. I will definitely be keeping in touch with Daryl and moving my stuff over slowly to any new location ... probably. So he will always be able to get ahold of me and he will be passing on any mail. He isn't planning on moving for at least a few more months after I do.



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