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OH WOW!!!! by Sandra
Thursday, June 21, 4:45 PM

Nicholas, thank you a million times for sending the note from John Wesley. It's so nice to hear from you and really means a lot to have a note directly from John Wesley. Thank you both!! I read your notes over the phone to Sybil and sent her a hard copy by snail mail today, since Julie won't be back at the computer until next week. I know she'll hold it in her hot little hands and read it a thousand times.

John Wesley, I know you wrote it to Margaret and Thomas, but I have to compliment the "Pioneer Wagon" metaphor. That was very good! No doubt the truth of that has been instilled by Nancy and you over the years, and I'm sure they understand. You, as well as your mother and I, know they have no idea how much of the richness of their lives will be in retrospect, but I'll bet you've laid the groundwork for them to do the right things now. Want me to talk to them? I'm kidding. :) They're wonderful and would just laugh at this old fogey....but I would sure enjoy that. Will do, when I see them! :)

OK! I'm ready to forego the spoon and get out the shovels to move the mountain. With Julie's directive, I would be most happy to line up the recruits and give a "push to the wagon". Oh, John Wesley, you have the best sister anyone has ever had! your most generous brother-in-law, John. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Sybil, but it's a given that a Mother is the biggest fan and warrior for her child. What a team you have!!

In case you don't know, your Dad is back in the bed. Bless his heart! Really looking forward to seeing him soon. I have some very nice memories.

Nicholas, do keep us informed when you have time. We're all so glad that you are there with your dad and appreciate hearing through you.

John Wesley, I just, purely and simply, love ya'! I'm keeping a light in the window for you!



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