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John Wesley by Janell Rose
I know nothing needs to be added about how wonderful it was to share in John's loving message to his family. His beautiful sentiments let us know that he really is doing OK. Could not keep back the tears and certainly our hearts are full with love for John and his entire family.

I see from Sandra's note that Julie is away from her computer. I had sent a Short Story to John Wesley and an EMail as well - thru Julie - so guess they are "just waiting" until Julie is back to send them on. When Caty and Jaclyn get back - I am going to have them go with me to the book store. I looked a couple weeks ago and thought I better not purchase. Who knows what I would be sending????? with absolutely no knowledge of Spanish. There is a huge new two floor Barnes/Noble in Southlake Towne Center with a whole section of Spanish Books - but I need assistance. Will try to meet the Granddaughters out there next week since both have had 3 years of Spanish. JR keeps telling me "I better brush up on my Spanish" - in his dreams - ha.

Nick, if you are reading RoseNose - I ask in my EMail if you could give me some Authors? I don't want to be duplicating what he may have. Also, your mailing address - so I can send books directly to you.

Eileen and Paul have had a lot of extra work at their place since last Monday - you have been hearing about Gainsville on the news - they are not a long ways from Gainsville, Gainsville had terrible flooding with 10 inches of rain and Keller also had flooding with 6 inches of rain Mon. Nite. A Sandy hill on neighbors property flowed like water and settled up against their little farm house (their first house - they built 10 years ago at top of the hill.) Their renter had to wade through water to go to work. The sand came down the hill and lodged almost to the bottom of their windows and to the top of the big front concrete porch which is about 3 Ft. off the ground. The yard of the house was like a lake - now that the water has gone down - they had about 4 hours of tractor work moving sand and still a lot to be done.

Eileen and Caty did leave Wed. afternoon on their trip to San Antonio. Caty had a meeting at Trinity University in S.A. on Thur. and another at St. Edwards in Austin on Friday - then Eileen and Caty are picking up Jaclyn and another young lady at UT - they have been at UT Swim Camp for a week. Both Girls have a terribly busy summer - Jaclyn is on Swim Team and has Art Classes scheduled, Caty is on a Special basketball team that has not only local tournaments but also she will be playing in Oakland, CA, Houston and Tennessee. Plus Caty is to get in 168 volunteer hours of community service. When I say they will help me "pick out books" they have to "work me in" to their schedule. I can not believe they are going to be in their Junior and Senior Year next year. Sandy, you better hold on to little Zoe - the time goes much too fast.

Chores are waiting - better get to them. Best to Everyone. Jr and Janell


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