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Summer's here! by Leah Jean
Glad to hear some good news on Wes and that he has a less secure prison with a mailing address. Hope it just keeps getting better and better.

Well, we just got thru with a period of cool wet weather up here and are now getting into the dog days of summer. It will be above 90 today and near 100 tmrw. Ugh. At least I went out and got the last bit of mulch spread out on the last bit of garden this morning. Now I won't feel too guilty about hiding inside where it is cool.

Unfortunately, I don't really grow anymore vegetables since our yard is off a golf course and we can't fence in anything. Before there was plenty of deer around to tear things up, but now you don't see any any more. [One of the few advantages of new development.] So I mainly just trim, add, or remove plants in the yard. Just a chip off the old Rose block. There were a few bushes that I finally decided to remove from the base of a large tree. This time it was going to be roots and all. I'd heard before that poison ivy is hard to get rid of. And unfortunately it is true. The one vine that I'd thought I'd poisoned a few years ago was still alive and growing back again. So last Wednesday I just got tired of the stupid thing, built up my courage, and dug it out roots and all.

Of course, I took a nice long shower and cleaned my skin as best as I could and put all my clothes from that job straight into the washer. But guess who had to finally give up and go to the drug store today to get an oitnment for those little bumps appearing in random places on my legs and arms. Fortunately I didn't get very much ... but then it doesn't take much to drive you crazy! Poison ivy seems to take a few days before it really starts showing up and bugging you. And yesterday, I knew I was in trouble when I went to work and my long pants kept chaffing a few contaminated spots on my legs. I may have to wear shorts into work on Monday. But the really tricky part will be shaving my legs. Ugh. Maybe I will just put a lot of bandaids on the particularly suceptible areas and still wear long pants.

Daryl is off running around a Virginia golf course somewhere today. I was really debating whether to go to a movie theater and try watching Pirates of the Caribbean again ... if it is still in theaters, that is. The first time Daryl and I watched it, we were so confused by the plot. Unfortunately the latest Harry Potter doesn't come out until later in the week. And you all probably know what a big fan I am of the books. But the thought of sitting on a movie theater seat with itchy legs doesn't appeal to me at all. And I'd probably get soda or popcorn residue on my legs since I'd be wearing shorts. Yuck! [Of course, can you imagine what other people would think about sitting on a chair after me!!!] So I'll just stay home and catch a few more movies since Daryl got a deal and we now have MORE movie channels. Good grief.

And speaking of movies, if any of you ever get a chance, catch "Howl's Moving Castle". I'm usually not a fan of anime type cartoons, but this one is wonderful. It is very imaginative, funny, and intelligently written. The cartoon drawings are amazing. But ... make sure you get the version that is voice dubbed. It is the one where Harry Crystal voices a wise-cracking demon. He's so funny. I've watched it several times and still love it. I also like catching the film "Batman Begins" over and over again on the movie channels. It is one of my favorite recent films. Haven't gotten around to the latest Spiderman though because the reviews rather panned it. Sigh.

Oh, if anyone has seen the film "Scanner Darkly" with Keanu Reeves in it ... can you please let me know what you thought of it? Did you manage to watch it all the way through? Daryl and I tried it because some of the critics liked it. But it was just too too weird.

As for T.V., Daryl and I are really into "The Office which has a "Dilbert" sense of humor. Sometimes you groan, sometimes you are flabbergasted by the stupidity exhibited by some of the characters, and other times you just laugh out loud over some of the goofy things that happen. It is amazing that you can get so much entertainment out of a show that obviously costs so little to produce. Daryl got me hooked on this series.

But I got him started on "Eureka!" It is a very sci-fi T.V. series with a big sense of humor, clever plots, and LOTS of imagination. And because it is sci-fi, the plots can cover all kinds of topics and the people can get into all kinds of trouble. You can watch THESE shows again and again and again .... :-)

Well, my itching seems to have calmed down a bit so maybe I'll go raid the refrigerator.



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