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Posted by Janell Rose ( on December 15, 2004 at 12:25:17:

Don't have time for anything right now - but have enjoyed seeing messages when I come in here and plop down so tired I can hardly move. I just had to take a minute and send a message to Leah and Sandra. Judy and Sybil both have a secret when it comes to sewing. I know they are both excellent seamstresses - especially Judy - I have never seen such perfection as she puts into a garment. Carolyn and I were examinging her sewing at one of the reunions. Perfect. Anyway - back to the Secret - I found out a year ago when I bought that little Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine I have always wanted at an Estate Sale (And by the way Judy and Sybil - hang on to those Featherweights - mine cost $300. after I waited through three days of the Estate Sale and got the "lower" price - they were asking $450.) That Featherweight sews the best "Top Stitching" I have ever done on any sewing machine and it will almost sew over "Iron." I have never seen such thickness of fabric as you can put through that little machine. Back before I quit working - I traded in my ancient machine that had to be taken to the shop 3 - 4 times a year. The new machine bounces around on topstitching seams. I have a heavy old Singer Portable with the round wooden cover that also sews like a dream. I wish we all lived closer - we could start a "Sewing Club." I am going to get back to it one of these days.

Jr and I are "moving" have worked the last 3 days - shop is starting to take shape - you "Rose Men" have really got to come see Jr's tools. He is getting so much interest. I think because it gives the men somewhere to go while the women shop instead of following them around and just "standing there groaning, are are you ready to go?" We will work busily the rest of week (yest. Jr. stayed home and I worked 7 hours putting up glassware.) Grand Opening is Friday. It will take trips for the next month to get everything out of this house - but at least next week I can vacumn. Would not want anyone to come in this house. Cypress Leaves & twigs are all over everywhere - everytime Andy comes in the door he brings more - not to mention what blows in. Judy - if you were close we would give you compost. We have about 6" of leaves in the back yard - you would not have to rake to "jump in a pile of leaves." Sunday evening we drove in late and all our porch and front yard were totally cleared of leaves. Our wonderful neighbor had come over and cleared. When we drove in the drive - I told Jr looks like "Scrooge" lives here - only house on the block without lights and 3 houses down - one neighbor has out "6" Lighted Trees besides the huge one in her window. We don't have a tree up yet (thats for next week also) maybe I could borrow one of hers. So much for this - back to work. Wish we could have been in Tulsa - sounded like so much fun. Love to All. Jr. and Janell


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