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Mosquitoes by Janell Rose
Just Information - our Dallas paper advised residents of LA that are having lots of problems with mosquitoes are using the "Bounce" Dryer Sheets. We are about to be carried off in Texas as well since we had all the rain. I went to store and got a box of the dryer sheets and they do seem to work. JR and I were standing in line at an Estate Sale on Friday and a lady had one tied around the handle of her purse. She said she did not want to rub on her skin - so she rubs on her clothing and she thinks is keeping them away. I don't know how long they would be effective - but I sure like the thought of using them rather than that mosquito spray. I do not like that stuff. Just thought I should pass on since Sandy seems to be having problems as well - she is probably out picking tomatoes. Have a wonderful Summer.


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