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Aaaargh! by Leah Jean
Do you know, Janell, that there was a woman on the news the other day talking about phobias. And she said that one way to get rid of them was to figure out what you fear most and then start from there. Guess what? It didn't take me long to think "mosquitos" after she said that! Well, guess what part of the country I won't be visiting in the near future. Just kidding.

But let me start explaining last weekend, which I have "lovingly" dubbed the Weekend from H***!

At least it started off good. I went and saw the latest Harry Potter movie right after work. I really didn't want to wait until the weekend (too many people) and Daryl isn't just really enamored of the series. [But he did like the last one though sort of because it was more exciting. Actually, on that note, he'd probably like this one too.] Like the critics are saying, the film is definitely the most serious and darkest so far. But then the books were going that way too.

A Major Frustration!
Unfortunately we'd already been having ant troubles for a few days before that though. They had gotten wind of the cats' foods and it didn't matter where I put their food plates in the kitchen. The ants found them.

Year Old Frustration - Off and On
The ants were really exacerbating another old frustration: trying to keep the cats fed. This is mainly because Tigre has a kidney problem which has made her very skinny. Her kidneys are failing and she can't retain water so it is difficult for her to eat. To top it all off she's been developing a dislike for the latest special vet food. [Probably because I kept putting some other medication in it once in awhile making it not taste too good. So if she couldn't eat all of her moist food when given to her the ants would raid it and make it inedible. So I got to play hide and seek with a bunch of six legged picnic poopers. It didn't take too many days to find out that the ants could find the cat food anywhere if placed on the kitchen floor. So I started putting their food in the dining room and front hallway.

Kill the Ants! ... or Am I Loosing My Sense?
Okay. Stupid me. I just have to try and solve problems the hard way. Kind of like the way I kept going out and phyiscally trying to kill cicadas on my trees during the 17th year cicada infestation that we have up here in Maryland. [Readers, if you don't know what I'm talking about here, you haven't been reading RoseNose very long.] So I tried to kill the ants by wiping them up with wet paper towels. Then I started spraying them with a diluted bleach solution and then wiping them up after they were dead. Saturday my sinuses started draining. Okay, I thought that I'd snuffed one too many ants and sniffed too much bleach. So I stopped using bleach. By Sunday my sinuses were completely closing up. Couldn't taste my food at all. So I'd lost my sense ... of smell.

Major Frustration Gone (hopefully)!
Daryl FINALLY remembered to pick up some ant traps and they seemed to have done the trick. Sigh.

Won't Leave the House
Let's not forget the poison ivy rashes on my legs and arms. It was hard enough going to work with long pants on. But the pants did irritate the rashes on my legs. So over the weekend I had a Catch 22: didn't want to wear long pants because it makes my legs itch, but can't shave my legs due to the rashes so I wouldn't wear short pants in public. [Yes, long skirts definitely irritated my legs too.] So I stayed in all weekend.

Monday, Monday.
I didn't realize that I was really sick until I was driving into work on Monday morning. My driving was a little bad. I did make it to work though and found I couldn't concentrate there either. So I went home. Obviously the sinus problem was not due to the bleach. I was had a rather nasty cold. And after thinking about it, I suddenly realized why I had felt a little spacey while watching the Harry Potter movie on Friday. Guess I'd been sick all weekend.

A Persistent Frustration
Blitz my other kitty has very long fur. This year she she hasn't been doing a very good job of upkeep and she's been developing more than the usual amount of fur balls. This is not the kind that cats throw up but a matting of fur on their bodies. Which over time these things can become pretty solid and a bit touchy. So since I came home early Monday, I finally took her to the vets to get her fur shaved again. [I didn't have to drive very far.] Poor Blitz! On top of being shaved, the vet discovered that the cat was constipated. So the vet ... ahem ... squeezed the hard little buggers out. [Ouch!] But the vet also found another problem. Cats have scent glands in their hind quarters that contain a liquid for excreting. The vet noticed that Blitz's were also very full and when ... yes, you guessed it! ... the glands were squuuuuueezed they exuded a thicker than usual liquid. Needless to say, my cat was pretty annoyed with everybody by the time she was brought back out to me. And I had to admit that I laughed when I saw her. I'd told the vet not to worry about how the cat looked after shaving, and the vet hadn't. My cat at first reminded me of a Chihuahua! When the vet assistant released Blitz back into the carrying cage, Blitz dashed around and whacked the asst's hand with a paw! Sometimes Blitzer does this without using her claws. So this time the assistant was not hurt and Bltiz got a little bit of her dignity back.

1. The ants are gone!
2. I've been putting some chicken in Tigre's food so she's eating again.
3. And I'm still keeping an eye on Blitz's health. But I've been laughing every time I see her now. I've decided Chihuahua doesn't describe Blitz's new hair cut. It is more like poodle. Can't wait until Daryl gets home.

At least I'm finally laughing!



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