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Finnnnnally!!!! by Leah Jean
Yes, James, I got my Harry Potter book last Saturday afternoon and finished it last night (Monday evening). I would have finished faster but I didn't want to develop a severe case of eye strain and finish up the book too fast. Plus I had some time to make up at work over the weekend due to days off work for poison ivy recovery.

I was exceedingly pleased with how Ms. Rowling finished up the last of the Potter books. Would you believe that it was with great difficulty that I put the book down periodically to eat, sleep, and work. Sigh. Unfortunately there are some things that have a priority in life. I was a little worried that the plot in this book wouldn't be as good as the previous ones. "Sequels" have been known to peter-out over time. But Ms. Rowling did herself proud and came through with wands blazing. And there were some very inventive twists in her plots. Okay there was at least one part that I found a little stretched. Something having to do with a dragon ... but I'll let that one alone. Hey, it is listed under the title of "fantasy" I do believe in book sections. [Or is it?]

How do you know that a book is exciting? I periodically noticed that my palms were slightly moist while reading the book. It is very rare for a book to do that to me. But then it probably didn't help that the stupid steroids that I've been on (to help my skin heal from the poison ivy rashes) seems to raise my temperature a few notches. In fact I am sitting here sweating slightly right now in front of the computer ... probably due to that stuff.

But I won't say any more. One guy at work today was quizzing me about who dies at the end of the book. I just looked at him a little annoyed and asked him, "Do you reeeeally want to know???" He backed off real quick since he has already read thru the 6th book and hasn't gotten around to the 7th yet. Another hard-core fan. And that's one of the reasons that I had to read the book quickly. I was afraid that I might overhear someone talking about what happened!!! And I really don't want to get in trouble for doing BODILY HARM to someone for ruining my surprises. ;-)

Well, I've got to get to bed early tonight to make up for staying up till 11:30 last night finishing up the book.

Now I need to recover so I can go back and reread the book in a little more leisurely and indulgent manner.



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