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John Wesley by Margaret Downs
Hey everyone,
I met with dad today in person for the first time. Everything with him is great and we had a wonderful meeting as usual. Just a few things he wanted me to mention to everyone. He said to send thanks to Aunt Mary for the note she sent. He found it very encouraging. Also to Aunt Janell thanks for the letter from a fellow writer; he loved the wonderful pictures, he said it was terrific. Grandma he said he enjoyed your note of course and hopes you're finding all his stories and letters well. He's very proud of his latest work and says it's the best he's done. Daddy also requested that no body buy him any books or anything else to be shipped over. He has a large library as it is and if he needs anything I can usually get it to him for much less money and much more quickly. He can't recieve any food from the outside and doesn't need anything else so please don't send anything other than letters and pictures. It sure does make his week when he gets letters from the family so thanks everyone who wrote. He loves to hear about old stories and stuff so if you can't think of anything to write, maybe a summer trip or funny reunion memory would do. We're optimistic about the upcoming appeal and I've changed my travel plans to stay into mid October so I can be here for that. Anyway, thanks again to everyone and dad sends his love as always!


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