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Bah, humbug! by Leah Jean
Posted by Leah Jean ( on December 25, 2004 at 11:18:00:

Hope that the rest of the family is having a good time this Xmas day. I noticed that Oklahoma will be enjoying 60 degree weather. Sigh. We will be lucky if ours gets into the 40s today. But then it is supposed to get warmer during the week ... which is good. We didn't get our door put in last Thursday like planned. Of course, Murphy's Law had to hit again. [If you have kept up on the Laurange Sage of the Doors you will remember that this has been one nightmare after another trying to get our front doors replaced with a single door.] A couple of months ago we gave up and just ordered a more expensive custom door. And after all these months and months and months of waiting it was really sad to be brought to another peak of expectation, only having to hold back again. [Corny, ain't I?] Because the weather was actually pretty warm that day (takes several hours to replace a door so you have your house rather opened to the elements). But it was also windy and awfully dern rainy. So I got a call around 8:30 saying the door people weren't going to install the door that day. Sigh. But I could understand. Even though we've got a descent sized porch roof the wind was blowing the rain all over the place.

As to sewing ... Mom probably does have "secrets" I will never fanthom. Most people refer to it as "talent" which has been lovingly honed with years of practise ... like any great artist. But, Janell, you're right. A good sewing machine does help a lot. I've learned that getting a good stitch does help.

And as to the humbug? Well, good old Daryl was his usually hard working self and went into work on Friday even though it was a govt holiday. He has been in a class for a few weeks so he likes to get back to his regular job now and then to catch up on some things or fix some things. Well, he got a sandwich at lunch that he swears bit him back ... and it bit back really hard! He started getting sick that evening. I found the poor guy visibly shacking in front of the T.V. downstairs. And he'd already been to the bathroom 4 times and he felt like his stomach was also on edge. There wasn't hardly anything I could do but get him more blankets to stop the serious case of chills he had. The room must have been about 73 degrees (he had a little portable heater going) and two blankets on him. And I felt his ears and they were cold! I did suggest going to bed and he did. But he couldn't really sleep. I just went down the hallway and watched T.V. so I could keep an eye (ear) on him. And he did throw up rather badly once (I could hear him down the hall). I was starting to consider taking him to an emergency room but he felt temporarily better after throwing up. And he did slowly get better. At least his shaking was getting better. After a few more hours he was able to drink some water ... which gave me hope. But he still had to hit the bathroom a few more times and then go thru a fever. I finally went to bed though and woke up around 3:30 to find him watching T.V. He was doing a little better but couldn't sleep. I got him some more bottled water and he thought he might attempt some crackers. I woke up again at 6:00 to find him in the basement in the T.V room. Still not feeling too good (for obvious reasons!) but his digestive system had finally settled down some. Apparently he could eat a little but was now starting to feel sleepy. So he went back up to go to sleep for a few good hours. He got up around 9:00 and at a little bit of cereal. It is now 11:00 and his system is still gurgling but he is hungry and working on some cream of chicken soup. Fortunately we keep cans around just for such emergencies. :-) But I'm glad we had no big dinner plans for today. Guess I'll put the 2 cornish game hens into the freezer. Maybe next week.

To tell the truth I was kind of surprised to find out that food poisoning can give you such a bad case of the chills. I was never able to check Daryl's temperatures though because he couldn't handle the idea of my putting a thermometer in his mouth at the time. Guess I should go get one of those digital ones. That's what lead me to think that it was just a very bad virus. But food poisoning, I've heard, can be easily confused with a virus. And I looked up food poisoning in a medical book I have and it made some reference to muscles, but I didn't understrand the terminology. [Not a medical book for laymen ... or laywomen.] So can any of you arm-chair doctors out there shed any light on this? I was just curious.

So humbug to nonbugs too!


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