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Moving! by Leah Jean
Okay, Mom, I'm moving!

Just wanted to let you know that I have bought a "new" house, (built in 1959) and am physically moving in on Saturday. Needless to say I am very busy right now trying to get a lot of things done. You will be getting a change of address card though ... part of the U.S. Post Office address change package. But my phone will not be connected probably for a few weeks. I'm getting on of those phone/TV/internet packages where they all come in thru the same method and they take a while to get done. In fact, they've already screwed up the order so I'm waiting for their call back that should be straightening this up. [Sigh.] All a part of the moving in process. The good news will be though that I have unlimited long distance phone calling. [Yeah.] But I may be disconnected from Rosenose for a while. Oh well.

So I will be in touch one way or another in a few weeks. [I hope.] :)



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