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Sundry Ramblings by Sandra
Hello Dear Ones,

Since I check Rosenose every day, I suppose if I want to indulge I must participate. How about the rest of you who are being mum?

Everything is fine here. Nothing going on. Jim goes to work every day and I seem to be watching the piles grow in all the corners, along with the cobwebs. It seems that way, but I do try to keep things caught up. I just don't have the stamina for all the impulsive cleaning I used to do. Besides, we're a cat house again and two cats require more than one as before .....their "stimuli" creates a mess. Sometimes I can't believe I will actually answer my door with the living room in such disarray. I may be getting a reputation in my neighborhood.

We're still making the trek to Dallas every third week. My treatment is now with the experimental bio drug (with no chemo), which is much easier to tolerate. It has some troublesome side effects, but, at least, I don't have nausea. I just pray that I never have to return to chemo, but I know that is a possibility. This whole business is very difficult, but one does what one has to do, and I might as well do it with a smile....easier that way. I have CT scans every six weeks, and I get pretty nervous waiting for the results each time. So far, so good. I remain as hopeful and thankful as ever.

With all the trips to Dallas and staying with Janell and Junior while there, I keep thinking every day they are going to claim me as a dependent. It really has been such a joy to be able to visit with them and their family. Eileen and her family have been so generous and it has been such fun to meet Mary and the girls there on occasion. I'm so glad to almost forget the reason for the trip.

My Dear Leah Jean, I've been thinking about you and Daryl and wishing you both the best. I think Daryl is a nice fellow and we didn't see nearly enough of him over the years, but I'm so pleased that you are on good terms. Take good care of yourself.

Well, Dear Ones, I think I'll go burn some chicken for dinner. Wish you could join us!

Love you all so much,


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