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Red Shoes by Sandra
Hello Judy, I'll join you - we can just write one another back and forth. OK? I'm like you, I check this message board almost every time I walk near the computer. Seeing new messages brings little thrills to my only takes a "hi" to satisfy.

Just took a walk around the yard and picked my first daffodil of the season. Poor little plants don't see Jack Frost lurking still. Being outside makes me wish I had the bendability for serious gardening, and I know I'm going to miss all those wonderful lettuces. If you have ever planted those tiny little seeds in narrow little rows while having to wear bifocals, then you understand why I wish for bendability. It just won't be the same this year, but I do look forward to planting tomatoes.......with a little help. Oh, maybe a whole lot of help.

Tomorrow Patricia and I are going to Dallas. Seems only yesterday I was there. Unbelievable how fast the three weeks between treatments fly. Going with Patricia, Jim or one of my kids and going to see Janell and Junior always adds lots of pleasure to the trip. Janell used to always ask me to "come down". Now, I'm wondering if she's sorry she did that. :)

Take care everyone. Have lots of fun and don't take the sunshine for granted!!!!

Love to all,

P.S. Did you ever wish for red shoes?


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