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Red Shoes? by Jeff Tankersley
Sandra, I don't recall ever wishing for red shoes. Did you mean Ruby? Now those might come in handy.
Our daffodills won't be out for another 6-8 weeks (it's a short growing season here), so I think that yours may be a little premature, but enjoy them anyway! The weather here today is gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky, and the snow is melting fast. Jodi was out poop-scooping the yard, and I wandered around looking at the damage from those overgrown, hoofed rodents- the deer. We try our best not to plant the things that they like (deer candy), but sometimes it's a challenge. The junipers we planted 3 years ago are doing great in most areas of the yard, but one spot has been attacked repeatedly by these pests, and now that they are coming out of the snow cover I will have to try out the latest "deer-be-gone" to see if it works. Some of these potions contain some weird stuff, coyote pee, for instance. Whatever.
Hope nobody in the family had money invested with Madoff. What a scumbag.
Mom, are you bored? I'm sorry, I get that way myself sometimes. And yes, I also look at this website about every day for little nuggets of Rose Family wisdom and humor.
I hope all are well, and I am thinking about when to come down to Tulsa this Spring, probably in April. Jodi's latest toy is Wii, and she is bugging me to go play golf, so see ya!

Love --- Jeff


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