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Red shoes and hat by Mary (Pate) Murray
Sandra, and anyone else reading: Your post about the red shoes made me think about the first hat I purchased (many,many years ago) was a very pretty red, and small. I think I may have only worn it once; I was too shy, I guess !! Last weekend my brother, Philip Dean,(another Phil), and his wife were here and we were reminiscing; he asked me if I remembered someone in the family who had a little store where we stopped by & they had two little girls. That would be Uncle Wilse, Aunt Zona, you, Sandra, and Pat. Once it was when I was about 12 years old and he would have been 5 or 6 y.o. He barely remembered it, but a little. We were on way to G'pa and G'ma Pate's at Christmas and it was a cloudy, cold day. I think my Grandma Jarrett may have been with with us. Anyway I remember your folks always made us welcome!!!! I hope your trip back to Dallas this week goes well, and a good visit with the family. Mary Frances.
P.S. I'm such a novice at this , I hope I send this o.k., if not, mebby someone can delete it.


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