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Ready for Visit by J. W. Rose
Judy, you are making me feel really guilty - so guess I will get on here and post. Like Sandy - we are seeing the Daffodils. The first one in our family to mention they were blooming is our Jaclyn. Jaclyn always was observent of everything growing and blooming - ever since JR was picking her up and carrying her around to look at all the flowers in the hanging baskets - her little hands couldn't resist picking the blooms. Can not believe our youngest Granddaughter will be 18 in a couple months. Today - we talked with Zachary in Denver - he will be 25 on the 24th and earlier in the month Eileen turned 50. Can not believe these ages that are creeping up on us. We met Paul, Eileen and Jaclyn at P.F. Chang's last Sunday for a late Birthday dinner. Eileen was too busy with school during the week for us to get together. She is constantly swamped these days - She is working late evenings and weekends. I will be glad to see her Spring Break come in a couple weeks. Sandy, Eileen thinks she may be on break when you make the next trip in March. Maybe we will see more of her and Jaclyn.

Now that I have mentioned Eileen's family - I guess will tell the family members that do not know - Carolyn is no longer in the Texas Panhandle. For the past 4 years she has been at Caprock Canyon's State Park near Lubbock/Amarillo. Carolyn moved in January from Texas Parks and Wildlife to a position with University of Texas and is working for the Marine Science Institute at Port Aransas. JR and I are looking forward to going for a visit in late Spring. We had an EMail from her this week and she said she is working on several projects at one time and thinks that will always be the case with this new position. She is leading tours of the Wetlands Education Center twice-weekly, learning Adobe desktop publishing for their newsletter, putting together a volunteer appreciation event and will start doing volunteer compliance sessions within the next week. In other words - we need not visit too soon while she is getting started in her new job. JR and I did go to Corpus - Rockport and in her general area about 4 years ago - first time we had gone that way since both girls were about 10 - 12. We ate wonderful seafood at Corpus and Rockport - so we are definitely looking forward to another trip and this time maybe Carolyn can be a weekend guide. Jim, Carolyn said you don't have to look for birds - just walk outside and there they are. As you know Carolyn has been interested in birds for years - so you need to make a trip to Aransas Pass.

Sandra mentioned that she and Patricia are coming to Dallas tomorrow. We are definitely looking forward to another visit - I think we are planning on going to the Grapevine Mills Outlet Mall on Monday (I know JR will send us off with his blessings - he does not like to go shopping - if he did go - our trip would last about an hour and he would be saying "aren't you all ready to go?") You have no idea how much we have enjoyed the trips that Sandy and Family are making to Dallas - we look forward to every one of them. The only thing we regret is the reason for the trips - Sandy looked so wonderful on her last trip - we truly believe her treatments are really helping her and all of this wonderful family will keep praying for wonderful results.

I know one thing - JR will be getting the "Tomato Bug" before long - Sandra and Jr will be comparing their tomato plants AND JR will probably have his pulled up by about the time that Sandra starts picking tomatoes. He gets totally impatient with his tomatoes when the weather gets HOT in TX and they are almost always gone before the 4th.

Bedtime and not looking forward to the cold morning tomorrow - Thursday and Friday were in the High 70"s - Saturday back to the 50"s and tonight our weatherman says 28 to 29 degrees - climbing back into the 50's tomorrow. This has been our entire winter - we have had days in the 80's - constant seesaw of temperatures. NO SNOW so far - only one ice day. Weird Winter. Jeff, I wish we had some of your deer - I always love looking for deer when we are in their habitat - however, if we "lived with them" year round - might feel differently.

Best to all the Family - Love, JR and Janell


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