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I need a Vacation! by Leah Jean
I'm baaaaaaack!

Yes, I am pretty much moved in now, the stress level is coming down, and stuff is getting sorting out. Still have several more things to get back from the old house, but I'm not in any big hurry. And figured I'd better let you know, Mom, that I am still here. :-)

Geez, talk about all of the messages hitting the Rosenose!

Janell, it took me a second while reading your message to figure out who was J. W. Rose. :-) But not tooooo long. That's kind of weird why Rosenose wouldn't let you enter your regular name.

Jeff, that's pretty funny about the contents of "deer-be-gone". Coyote nasties? Unfortunately, my new neighborhood has deer in it too. I was driving back one evening after dark and saw what looked like 3 deer statues on a neighbor's lawn. But I was a little curious so I kept looking ...... and looking ..... and looking. And sure 'nuf, one of them popped its head up as I turned the corner and put my headlights on them. Oh gag. So much for growing tomatoes in my yard.

And the reason that I know about deer eating tomatoes in this old neighborhood is because I have been talking with one of the sons of the woman who used to own this house. The woman is about 88 years old and had to go into an assisted living facility. Her son Larry has been telling me some of his problems and complaining about his brothers and sister who don't seem to be showing an interest in her now or who did not help with the move much. He once described them as vultures who picked the house clean of what they wanted before anything could be assessed or possible sold to help pay for his mother's housing. He's also rather sad about seeing the house that he grew up in leaving the family. Larry is a pretty nice guy so I'm patient and lend an understanding ear. And he has been pretty easy to deal with about getting a few things out of the house that needed to be removed. He's also been helpful in offering me advise. I asked him to show me the property boundaries and ... of course .... that ended up being a walk down memory lane. :-) I got an ear-full about the plants and trees in the yard because his mother had been a prolific gardener. [Larry warned me then that the deer would eat the tomatores and just about anything else if food was scarce.] It was also interesting because he started telling me the history of the neighborhood and the neighbors. For instance, the "street" that I live on is kind of like an avenue with a hilly and tree lined bit of ground about 20' wide going down btwn the 2 one-way mini-streets. Larry said that originally one was a street and the other was a driveway for an old mansion that still exists further down the road. [I'll go have to ck that out some day.] He pointed out the house of a neighbor across the "streets" who is apparently very nosey. [She was probably watching us while we were out in the yard just then. She is a very elderly woman who probably doesn't have much else to do.] He also pointed to one house and said that the previous own had once owned 3 old Rolls Royces which he took very good care of. [Larry had enjoyed going over there as a kid and listening to the engines as the guy worked on them. They really purrrrrred.] Needless to say, this was once a very nice neighborhood. But its a little old now (my house was built in '59).

Oh, and all of you people talking about daffodils? I'm looking thru the window right now and watching snow fall. [Sigh.] No possibility of anything popping up around here soon. It is still ding-dang cold in my neck of the woods!

The "new" house is starting to grow on me. But, oh .... the things to do! The cleaners came in the day before the move and went thru most of the house cleaning. Then we moved the furniture in a few weeks ago. [I didn't actually move in until 5 days later because I the house was a mess and I was just too tired.] Had an electrician come in to make assessments. Next had the Verizon guy in last Wednesday and he just wore out what was left of me. I think that he'd been drinking one of those overly caffeinated drinks because he talked at about ninty miles per hour and was buzzing in and out and all over the house putting in cables and attaching a phone, the computer, and 3 T.V.s. Plus he would stop periodically to discuss the house and offer decorating advise and discuss the woes of marriages. [Good grief.] He was quite a character! I also had to follow him around with paper towels because it had been sleeting and snowing outside that day and he kept tracking in mud and frozen bits. Next I've got the electricians coming in to fix, add, and upgrade various things this week. I also need to get a plumber to come take a look at the house, get a lock smith to replace the locks, and get the cleaners settled into a regular pattern of cleaning ... after I get them to de-dust the unfinished basement and give the floors another sweeping and mopping ... especially after "Mr. Verizon" had invaded the place. And that's only a list of the things I *need* to do. Then comes the "I want to do's"! Oh brother, have I got a list of them!!! My limits there being time, money, and sanity.

I am now trying to adjust to the new gadgety T.V., phone, and internet systems. I've been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century! No Daryl around to help me out too much now. And speaking of him. He had bought me one of those pay-as-you-go cell phones just after I moved in, so that I would have a way of communicating with the outside world. Also he was worried about me being by myself and not getting any kind of phone service for a few more weeks. That was very good of him. But he then had to deal with a woman who is not used to carring a phone around with her. I'd leave it in the car or at home because I'd keep taking it out of my purse and forgetting to put it back. And I certainly don't like driving a car and talking on a cell phone. Daryl would keep trying to call me and I wouldn't answer. [Snicker.] I'm just not a gadgety type of person.

Okay, I've got plenty of other things to do so I need to get back to work.

[A further thought.] And about the time I start getting a handle on things around here ... Daryl will sell the old house (Spring) and need to move. So allllllll of those things I left in the old house (the dining room furniture, the rest of the living room furniture, pictures, crystal, ceramics, nik-naks, etc.) to make it look good to prospective buyers? [Ahem.] Will have ... to come ...... here. [Noooooooooo!]

So you all enjoy your daffodils.



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