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House Wrecking! by Sandra
Leah Jean, I sympathize!! Are you feeling like you are one of the ones who "biteth off more than they can cheweth"? I learned a long time ago that if a house needs more than a little paint to satisfy me I'll pass.'re much, much younger and full of energy. I'll never forget dropping by on your mom one day when she was in a bedroom closet treating the walls like she was painting the Sistine Chapel. Here, if the Pope won't see it when he visits then I won't worry. Just don't anyone EVER ask to see my closets!....but then the rest of the house is in dire need and the buckets of paint I bought last spring serve as part of my decor. I could put a pretty skirt around them and use them as a table.

I expect Stacia to come on here with a comment about remodeling! :)

Things are fine here. Saturday Jim and I drove over to Fayetteville to do a little furniture shopping and then on over to visit the Eurekans! Had a great time, as usual, with the Downs and Van Woys. Came home exhausted last night but it is always a good tired. Made me sad to see all the tree devastation from the ice storm Arkansas incurred.

This week I get ready to head back to Dallas. I have never had the feeling of time flying so fast as I have these three week intervals back and forth.

Cindy, your cards are wonderful. I especially loved receiving the Christmas card in February. Was that planned or had the USPS people been sleeping on the job. I loved it. Thanks for the giggles and tickles!

Sybil is wanting to make another trip to Tulsa soon. We'll bombard you again, Judy and Hank, when she and Julie determine when.

Got to head out to Wal-Mart and restock the larder. I hope the rain holds off until I get back, but I gladly will get wet if it means we will see the rain. Take care all!

Much love,


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