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Chewing hard! by Leah Jean
Thanx for the words of sympathy, Sandra. Biteth off more than I could cheweth? Ooooooh, yeeeeeeah. I almost got lock-jaw! Fortunately the major and messier part of the work on the house is pretty much over with today. [And I was just about on my last nerve.] But oh what a mess I have to clean up now.

Fortunately I have tmrw off (Thursday) so I can clean while waiting for an electrician from our utility company. He's will be transfering the house's power over to heavier outside cables. [Since my house is older, it wasn't designed to bring in much power. So since I was having to replace a brand of fuse box that is notoriously unstable (the bane of insurance companies around here), my house inspector had suggested I upgrade.] Eh, what the heck. ;)

So tmrw I will be really makin' the dust fly while cleaning up the joint. Of course, my favorite is taking rugs or mats outside and shaking them out. Geez, the wind in front of my house shifts directions constantly. I think most of the dust I shake off the rugs just end up back on me!

And that reminds me, I need to take a shower before I go to bed tonight, especially since I just put clean sheets on the bed yesterday ... and my clothes, hair, and anyother part of my body that was exposed is now loaded with rug nasties. [Sigh.]

I can't wait to see what the foyer looks with all the new tile after a good cleaning though. Maybe it is all worth it. :)



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