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ABC by Julie V
Oh, it's good to be home! The Redbuds are blooming and the Dogwoods won't be too far behind. Sandra, I hear you're digging in the garden--bet a lot of Roses are.

We had a good trip to DC and feel like we are on the right track to getting John Wesley home. The State Department emphasized the importance of our package that we will send to the Emir in early May and to include letters from our family and state the reasons for requesting a pardon. They said we need to touch his heart as he makes the ultimate decision. Reasons like no criminal record, good citizen, responsible children, (and one still being a minor with no parents, sick wife, elderly mother, etc. They assured us that last year's package was approved by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, passed to the Minister of State who sent it on to the Amir where it was denied. Ramadan is very early this year, August, so his annual pardon of prisoners will be around Sept.
Sybil, Margaret, John and I are thinking of having a letter-writing party weekend of April 25th so mark your calendars! It will be a fun excuse to get everyone together.
Wow! Margaret just called from school, ABC is interested in her story! She is meeting with someone today and having a photo taken--will fill in details as we hear them.
Check John's website for Nick's latest story published in the Indy-times, a Raleigh/Durham paper. It's exciting!


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