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Happy Late Birthday by Janell Rose
A Late Happy Birthday to Dear Sandra. I am so sorry I let the date get past me - we sure hope you had a wonderful Birthday and also a Special Weekend with Darling little Zoe.

I am so tired tonight I can hardly move - spent part of Wed. Thur & Friday getting ready for that doll show at the Convention Center. Have this house absolutely turned upside down. Boxes everywhere - the doll show was today at the Grapevine Convention Center and it was sort of like the economy - a little dismal. I had already said it was my last doll show - after today I have no doubt I will never do another one. Got up really early to get to the convention center to set up at 7:00 A.M. and it was spitting snow. To our Dear Family in other areas of the country - they may think it not so cold - but after having an absolutely beautiful week in the high 70's and reaching 80 - it dropped to the 30's Friday night. So, with the high blowing wind - it was really cold this morn. This winter has been warm one day and cold the next and we have had days of continual high wind. JR had made 4 - 5 hanging baskets - he went out yesteray evening and hung all of his baskets in his little barn. I wonder about Eileen's tomatoes - she planted her garden a couple weeks ago while on Spring break when temps were about 80.

Hope all this wondeful family is doing OK - the news about John Wesley is very encouraging - we surely hope for good news in the next few months. Love to All and Blessings to You. JR and Janell


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