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DAY DREAMS! by Sandra
Good Morning Dear Ones,

Judy, this one's for you! I, too, would like to see more written here, but maybe they think they are as boring as I. :) So, here goes:

I've been sitting here drooling over Burpee's website and trying to measure how much energy I expect to have in the coming days. I've already received my veggie order, but I just can't grow only edibles. Right? I have pansies growing but I don't think I want to eat them. Haven't made any nursery trips yet. I always have to check the balance in the checkbook before I do that, because my eyes gloss over and I am too tempted by "new" things. Only live once though!!!

Janell, thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I really hoped it would pass without notice, but that was so sweet of you and I appreciate it very much. I don't feel any older, but don't mention "looks" or check my teeth.

Spring is so stimulating, and I'm hoping we don't have another frost scare...or snow like last week-end. I was out in the rain covering my hydrangeas with garbage cans and buckets, feeling a determination to have more than two blooms on my hydrangeas this year. At this point, I think my efforts were not in vain, but I have to wait a while.

Another three weeks have flown and I'll be going back to Dallas next week-end. Yesterday I had scans, which always leave me with a bit of trepidation until I know the results. So far, I've tried to adapt to the side effects because they just don't seem to want to adapt to what I like. Only at moments are they a little weary, but the majority of the time I'm able to ignore them.

Last week Jim and I had the pleasure of keeping ZoE for three days while Stacia and her best friend from California spent five days fulfilling their "dream" of shopping Mall of America in Minneapolis. They had a lot of fun, but Jim and I had MORE fun!! What a delight!! I wish I could take back the times I got excited and said "Oh no, Zoe!" when she would be standing in the middle of one of my plants trying to get a better look at a spider. I couldn't help but laugh, so I think she must have forgiven me. Nothing like a toddler to create excitement of all kinds.

I have a pile of ironing and many other unfavorable chores today, so I'll sign off and continue with my gardening dreaming while I accomplish other things of necessity at the moment.......but wait until the temps even out to a nice warm spring and you won't find me here!

Love you ALL so much,


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