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Hill Country by Ange
I am guilty of never writing so I thought I would put a note about our weekend.

My (grown) boys live in Austin so Danny and I went down to see them this past weekend. The weather was a bit cool due to the wind but it was sunny most of the time. We went to Lukenbach and then headed over to Fredericksburg on Saturday and had a nice time. Fredericksburg is a German town about an hour and a half from Austin. My sisters and I went, a few times, years ago when Linda lived in San Antonio. It's not nearly like it used to be. It is so commercialized and so much more crowded. There are still a few of the old shops that will be there forever so it is still fun - just not the same. The boys had never been to Lukenbach - not much there basically an old post office turned general store/bar and a open air dance hall. I believe the population of Lukenbach is 7 people. There was a man there with a saddled Long Horn that tourist could take photos with (have been to Lukenbach a few times but had never seen that). The man rode the longhorn and it sort of looked like the longhorn went wherever he wanted to with no regard to where his rider wanted him to go. When I walked up to see the longhorn, the man told me I could get on the longhorn. "Wow, no thanks" Of course the boys encouraged me to get on it but I could not be swayed. The hill country is beautiful this time of year. The blue bonnets were especially pretty. On the way we also took a driving tour of LBJ ranch and that was interesting. We were going to go out to Enchanted Rock State Park but had plans to be at Lake Travis by sunset so we ran short on time. On the way to Lake Travis, we passed Wildseed Farms, and it was so pretty. Aunt Sandra, I thought of you and Linda because y'all would love it there. They have fields of bright beautiful flowers - 200 acres of wildflowers. It is just outside of Fredericksburg. They have a website so you should look at it online. I bet you will want to plan a trip to Fredericksburg. So many photo ops for ZoE in the wildflowers! We also went to Marble Falls and Horseshoe Bay which are two towns that sit along the Colorado River and have beautiful homes, and great views of the river and Hill Country. They were a little out of the way on the route to Lake Travis but certanly worth the drive. At Lake Travis we went to the Oasis which is a huge restaurant. It is so huge that they use golf carts to take people to their cars - looked like an amusement park parking lot instead of a restaurant - we had no idea it was that big and popular. Luckily we just wanted to get a margarita so we were seated right away. They have three large balconies and the sunset is beautiful from there. I had heard a lot about it but had never done that before and am really glad that we went. We were on the thrid floor balcony and the view was so nice. Even though the place was crowded it was really relaxing (and not because of the margarita). So, we packed all that in one day. We ended the day by going to Philip's favorite bookstore in Austin and then had a cup of coffee at the hotel and visited a bit. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. On Sunday we ran around Austin a little, had lunch and headed home. We had a really good time but the weekend went too fast.

Wow - I bet y'all feel like you just read a brochure for Texas Hill Country Tourism! On the 17th, mom, Heather and I are going to take Heather's boys to Cooper Lake State Park so I guess that will be my next tourism brochure. Just kidding there isn't a lot to do there so I may not have much to say. But, Asa is pretty entertaining so I may have a story or two about him.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Much love to all of you!


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