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All's Quiet by Janell Rose
Posted by Janell Rose ( on December 26, 2004 at 15:11:36:

So terribly quiet Day after Christmas - I thought would come see if any messages on RoseNose. Don't know why everyone has to leave "at once" but that seems to be the tradition at the Rose Household in Irving. Both loaded vehicles just drove off - one after another leaving Jr, Andy and myself standing in the drive. I remember leaving Mom and Dad standing at Christi and always think of them everytime the "kids" leave after all being home. Had a wonderful Christmas with all home - house was loaded to the hilt AND we talk about maybe moving some day to a smaller house. I don't know how we would manage this. Andy had lots of company as well - Maggie, Nellie and Blaze came along for Christmas along with (9) now nearly adults. These Grandchildren are large enough to take up the space of an adult these days. Carolyyn, John and Zach came in Thur night. Eileen, Paul, Caty and Jaclyn came close to noon Christmas Eve Day. We went out to the Antique Mall in Grapevine to show them what we had been doing - as well as to the French Bakery for coffee and hot chocolate. Then to the beautiful Glass Shop. Little expensive - had a lamp made at the shop sort on the order of a Tiffany - only $5500. Teenagers are a little rowdy - I was afraid to breathe while we were all in the shop. Then we went to "Market Street" Store in Colleyville which is really a shopping experience - similiar to Whole Foods - one of these fabulous grocery markets along with all the specialty gourmet foods. Back home Christmas Eve and for once I did not cook one thing. Carolyn brought her homemade Chicken Enchilada's, with wonderful Red and Green Sauces along with all the added dishes. Wonderful Mexican Dinner and Jr said the first one he ever ate without "Rice and Beans." It was truly delicious - wish we could have had everyone here to share. I think the whole Rose Clan should get together someday and make tamales for a reunion. Christmas Day was lots of Visiting, Cooking and Eating - in the Evening Jr, John and Paul watched football and played dominoes while the Women and Teenagers went to see "Meet The Fockers" Don't waste your time.
So All in All - a Holiday to be very grateful for - all together and we thought of all the wonderful times when we were with all the various members of the Rose Family gathered at Christi and we know we will always visit together in our hearts - not only at Christmas but all Seasons of the Year.

Leah, so sorry your Dear One was so terribly ill - he could have had a virus - but I can tell you the "sickest" I ever remember was a bout of food poisoning. I went with another employee to the big fancy Dallas Market Hall to purchase Christmas Presents (wholesale) that my company gave at the annual Christmas Party. Amy and I had lunch in the atrium. I had Tuna Salad - Amy fortunately had something else. We finished the shopping and went back to work. After being gone most of the day - I stayed after work to finish a project and starting getting so ill. I could not drive home, had to call Jr. to come get me - he had to stop twice on the way home and let me out - the "upset" continued through out the night I was weak, chilling, missed two days of work with that mess. You can get very ill with food poisoning. Jr and I had a similar experience when we were still living in Tulsa. He used to like sardines and crackers, we were both terribly ill after sharing a tin of sardines. Neither of us has ever eaten a sardine since. Such experiences make you very careful - I would never buy a Sandwich from a vendor again. Sending you good vibes for the New Year.

And to ALL a Happy New Year. Wish we could have been in Tulsa for the recent visit - I hope we can get together early in the Spring. Love to All. Jr. and Janell


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