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Tired of Frost! by Sandra
Where is everyone? Spring is not here YET!!!!....and I felt certain someone would have posted a message here this dreary day!! Well, I guess you all live much more exciting lives than I and do interesting things come rain or shine. I applaud that!!!!!

I really am getting tired of covering my plants, but I am glad that we haven't planted the garden yet. My poor hydrangeas. Every time I cover them I fear I'm knocking more buds off than a frost would have damaged. After tomorrow night, I hope we don't hear the word frost again until well into November.

Judy Tankersley, how are you doing? If I continue to feel okay, I hope to surprise you and Hank one day. Tell Hank that with a little bit of luck I might have enough cucumbers this year to make pickles. Stacia wants to learn how to make those pickles and here's my opportunity to get some help. :)

Well, I might as well find something to do.

Love to all,


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