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HAPPY EASTER by Janell Rose
Just want to tell all this wonderful family to have a Wonderful and Peaceful Easter. Hope your families are together at this Special Time of Year.

We are going to miss Caty - but will be going out to Paul/Eileen/Jaclyn's Sunday afternoon. That is if I can get dressed. Still in a long house dress today as I "plowed concrete" again yesterday. I have had problems ever since the incident with the dogs last year when I "flew" up the driveway and landed on my head, etc. That fall renewed the pain from my back surgery on SC nerve. Pain goes through my hip/leg till my left foot is numb. Since I don't feel my foot - I am a blunderbus. Yesterday - JR and I went to a couple Estate Sales - we were simply walking across a concrete street when my foot "stuck" and I pitched face forward. The emergency room is going to get tired of seeing me. 7 stitches above my right eye - lot of bruising of right chest and left hand in a splint with a sprain. Feel like I have been beaten with a bat today. I don't bounce on concrete very well.

This is just great - last year I went to Caty's graduation with a black eye in dark glasses from the dog incident. YES - I have another "shiner" I told Eileen to tell Jaclyn I will try to be over the black eye before her graduation. She will be 18 on April 22nd - graduating Senior AND both in college next Fall. Ouch - feel for Paul & Eileen.

JR has been out in the backyard planting his tomatoes - they are nice sturdy plants (about a foot tall) he has been keeping in buckets. Hope we have some early tomatoes to share with Sandy and family when she comes. Speaking of Sandy - she looked terrific on her last trip. We sure enjoyed Jim and Sandy on their fast trip. At the end of April we are really looking forward to seeing Miss ZOE. Of course we want to see Sandy and Stacia too. I know I am going to be fine by then and hopefully we are going to spend a Monday afternoon on the train from Grapevine to Ft. Worth - let ZOE ride on the puffing train with the big whistle. I will have to remember to take my camera.



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