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Spring - Rain by Janell Rose
Last night we had a long conversation with Zachary - he said they might have "some snow" in Denver. He had just come in from work. He usually calls about 11:00 P.M. as knows I am a "night owl" and still up - he was just getting off work at Fed-Ex and heading home. Zach will be finishing his college in October. I hope he will come back to Texas then as we have not gotten to see him very often the last 2 - 3 years. Zach does like Denver and with all his time spent in school and working - he has not had much time to spend in the mountains - so he may decide to look for a job in Denver. Anyway - we saw on tonight's news that there was about 2 Ft. of Spring Snow in Denver today and I-70 is closed. I remember when my company had an office in Denver and I made trips there - the "wreckers" sat along the highway like vultures so they would be ready to make a tow.

We had a nice rain this morning - I went to the Dr. today at 4:00 to have stitches removed from my little fall - before I got home it was raining again. Weather man says we may have more tonight and Saturday. That would really be a welcome relief as Texas has been so hard hit with a major drought. JR has done a lot of watering - so he is really appreciating the rain on his tomato plants and he planted some cucumber hills last week. He really needs a garden area the way he likes to plant - our yard has too many trees/shade for him to have a garden

We had a good time with the Hensy's last Sunday afternoon. Eileen cooked a wonderful dinner - then we watched a lot of old video movies that they found last week - movies of Caty - Jaclyn - Zach when they were little. Sure brought back memories - can hardly believe they are now all grown. Eileen called tonight and said Jaclyn went for a job interview after school today and was hired - so she will start her "first" job next week. Caty will be coming home from Hendrix College on May 10 and going to work for the summer as well. At least maybe we will get to see them between their working hours during the summer before they both leave for school in the fall. Going to be a big change for Paul and Eileen next year.

As you can see - I am just clattering - so will wish everyone a wonderful weekend and send our love. JR and Janell


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