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Please do not delete. by Leah Jean
Oh great, Sandra. Hope you at least got to read some of it. ;) And are you subconsciously trying to tell me something?

I'm just too stinkin' unlucky lately. The message that I wrote before ... I accidentally lost that one too! Fortunately neither message was "anything to write home about". [Oh really really bad humor!]

I think I just did more whining about working on my house and even more so on Daryl's lately. He's getting ready to put our old house on the market so I'm doing extra duty getting excess junk out of it and helping him move some of his excess stuff into my garage. Busy, busy, busy! So my house is looking more and more messy. At least the neighborhood is looking awful pretty right now since it is finally getting warm and we've also had quite a bit of rain. The gardens and trees are all blooming.

Well, 'nuf bitchin' for tonight. Maybe I will gear my creativeness back up again tmrw. Or maybe not. Depends on how much more work I do tmrw.

Ya'll take care now, ya hear!


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