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RAIN! by Jeff Tankersley
I sure do hope that none of you people in Oklahoma, Texas, or Arkansas are floating away! Jodi is on a golfing/ bowling trip to Grand Junction this weekend and called last night to tell me that Tulsa was flooding. I spent a while on the internet to see what was going on, and it looks like Pryor is really getting slammed. Sandra and Jim, are you still above water? I hope so.
Sybil and Julie were supposed to visit Tulsa a couple of weeks back, and I was wondering how that went? I was there the week before and spoke to Sybil on the phone one day about it. I wish I could have seen everyone.
Jodi and I went to Costa Rica for eight days last week, that was very cool. We went on a river trip in a rather small boat to see the wildlife. Crocodiles everywhere! They are a lot scarier up close in the wild. The first time the guide said "look at that!", and everyone went to one side of the boat, I was just slightly concerned about our safety. Monkeys hanging in the trees. The birds were just fantastic- I don't know how many different varieties we saw, all in their native habitat. Of course iguanas af all size and color (even at our condo pool), frogs, and even bats that stay out in the open during the day. Luckily we did not encounter the poisonous snakes and frogs that are popular to the country.
We really wanted to go up into the rain forest to the volcano region, but once we got there and experienced the driving conditions, we decided to postpone that until another trip. It was too far away for a day trip, so next time we will
arrange to stay in that area for a few days. We have been in the rain forest in other countries, and we have heard that Costa Rica's is just fantastic.
Most of our time was spent visiting beach communities in the vicinity, and playing in the ocean. I even tried surfing for the first time in my life, it was fun. We were havng lunch at
one little restaurant on the beach, and an iguana (obviously a local) walked up to our table expecting a handout, so we took turns feeding it tidbits of chicken out of our hands. When I reached out to touch its back, it took offense and snapped the end of my finger! It didn't break the skin, though, so I let him go on his way. Funny little creature.
Hope all are well and happy---
Love you all-- Jeff


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