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Lovely Little Barn Swallows by Sandra
James, I have to commend you for your honesty about losing at the casino. Most people I know only talk about their winnings. Then, there are some who never admit to going to the casino in the first place! :)

Jeffrey, your message only made me jealous! No, I'm never jealous but very interested in anyone's travels. With your experience my mind gets to travel. Thanks.

Can I send any of you some Lovely Little Barn Swallows? All for free (if I can catch them)?

Every spring those precious little birds try to build nests directly over our front door and every year I have to hang very ugly plastic to prevent their successes......usually after they have left me presents of very wet mud above the door, down the glass door and on the porch. Today I went out to get the mail and was swarmed by about seven swallows trying for success. I know that I heard one say, "Oh no, there she is!"

Well, the official "8 inches of rain" that we had in about 24 hours left its mark. Besides washing the mulch out of the beds, it took my lettuce seeds to distances unknown. If lettuce you didn't plant comes up in your yard "It's Mine!" The tomatoes look good, but they will be doing the backstroke with this next round of rain starting today and through Saturday. Mowing? What's that?

Everything I do I do a little slower, with an occasional groan, but, all in all, I am as feisty as ever. The travel to Dallas gets a little tiring, but I keep my bags packed and seeing Janell and Junior is like "going home" every time and we so enjoy every minute of our visits with them. Even Andy knows when we arrive and greets us so sweetly. Wal-Mart could use him!

I just heard the washing machine stop. That means I need to get busy. You see, when the washing machine is running it makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something even when I'm messing around on the computer or talking on the phone.

So much for swallows. The cats took an interest in watching them so I left the big door open for them to watch the swallows through the glass. Now, the swallows are gone and the cats are bored again. I'm going to close the door while the cats wait for the next "swallow matinee".

Take care all and stay dry! Remember: Bleach kills mold.

Love you all so much,


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