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Bad luck? by Leah Jean
Mornin' all. I just got thru reading Jeff's and Sandra's messages and enjoyed them thoroughly. Jeff, you do lead a very interesting life! And Sandra, you have a way of making misery sound like fun! Just hang in there woman!

We up in Maryland have been some good rain for about the last few weeks. Hopefully our average rainfall is now back on track, making up for a dry winter. Anyway, we were all starting to get rather restless and silly at work. Probably a combination of cabin fever and spring fever. The sun finally shown yesterday so I'm sure everybody went outside and got their dose of Vitamin D. And the lawn mowers were definitely going because the grass has been getting awfully tall!

The work on the house continues. Had the electrician come by to give me a quote for the basement since it is being framed right now. Unfortunately he pointed out that the handyman wasn't doing it right. Sigh. You are supposed to lay pressure treated lumber on the bottom part of the frame that comes in contact with the cement floor. Otherwise, if the least bit of moisture occurs, the plain wood would have absorbed it like a sponge and rotted over time. Unfortunately the framing was almost complete. Soooooo the handyman had to call in the crew ... and this weekend they are banging and sawing away in the basement. Hopefully they will get all of the repairs done because the electricians come tomorrow to do their work!

So now we come to the first in the series of "my good luck with bad luck". It is good that I will be home tomorrow (Monday) because that's when one of the handymen will be fixing the hole in the front foyer's ceiling. Yes, the pipe in the upstairs bathroom decided to leak causing the ceiling to get all messed up. Fortunately some of the handymen were just leaving ... at 9:00 the other night. [They were trying to get a job done so they were working extra long.] One of them noticed the ceiling was wet and pooching. Fortunately he was able to diagnose the problem and turn off the water to the hot water faucet. Whew! But now the ceiling is damaged and needs to be fixed. So at least one of the handymen will be back in tmrw to fix that. I was lucky to have someone here to figure out the water leak problem! :)

The 2nd good timing with bad luck was when I was visiting the dentist about a month ago to have my teeth cleaned. The dental hygenist was flossing my teeth and managed to pop off an old crown! It was in bad shape and had been pasted back on about a year earlier so it was not surprising it came off again. So I got a temporary on it right away.

One more "good timing" was getting a speeding ticket for the first time in my life. [It has really been surprising that I've never gotten one up until now.] But while the cop had me pulled over I told him that I already "knew about my license plate stickers being expired" and was currently taking care of that. [The very day that I was slated to start moving into my new house a cop had given me a ticket for having expired stickers. But you probably remember me whining about that in a previous message.] Well, this cop seemed a little perplexed about my saying that and checked my plate. Apparently I had renewed my title but had put the "year" sticker on the wrong side of the plate! [I've been going thru so much in the last 1/2 year that I couldn't remember if I'd updated the dang thing or not!] Okay. Even though I did get a speeding ticket, I now have a way of getting out of the $75 expired license ticket. ;)

Like you Sandra, I'll take my jollies wherever I can get them.

Everyone stay cool and dry!


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